Where young men develop their God-given gifts to lead in the home, serve in the Church, engage in meaningful work, and transform the community.



Life is better in a pack. By building a place of belonging, our young men build something bigger than themselves—they build a brotherhood.

Exploration Thursdays

We teach life, not just academics. Exploration Thursday exposes our young men to experiences beyond the block they grew up in.

Nehemiah Hour

As trailblazers for future generations, our students learn to see, identify, and solve problems through a biblical framework and worldview.


Building a brotherhood in Christ for lives of purpose.


Funding Wisconsin Students for Lives of Purpose

Kingdom Prep is a school that is part of the Parental School Choice program.  View this excellent video piece created by the Badger Institute which...

Freshman Rite of Passage

Every spring, as part of their rites of passage, freshmen and transfer students spend three days camping in Marinette County on the Peshtigo River.  Hiking,...

What is Nehemiah Hour?

Nehemiah Hour is unique to Kingdom Prep and is a required class for all freshmen and transfer students.  This project-based learning class teaches young men...


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