Student Stories

Built on Brotherhood – Fabian’s Story

For Fabian Reyes, his experience at Kingdom Prep has led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts.  One of the most rewarding aspects of our work at Kingdom Prep is seeing our students transition into their next steps upon graduation. This transition is often a time filled with excitement, uncertainty, and opportunities.

During his years at Kingdom Prep, Fabian was immersed in the importance of relying on others and seeking help when needed. The spirit of brotherhood instilled in him the confidence to reach out to peers and mentors, fostering a support network that extended beyond the classroom and paved the way for his post-graduation endeavors.

Since graduation, Fabian has continued his culinary journey at MATC (Milwaukee Area Technical College), while securing a full-time position at Kingdom Prep under the guidance of food service director, Ms. Pat Jones. Taking on leadership roles in the KP Cafe and the culinary internship program, Fabian serves as a mentor to current KP students.  His dedication to being a role model reflects the impact of the brotherhood ethos ingrained in him during his time at Kingdom Prep.

Adapting to life after high school has not been without challenges. The newfound independence, responsibility, and the need to navigate adulthood has also been rewarding.  He went from relying on teachers and parents to becoming self-sufficient and determined to succeed.

“It has been very rewarding to become a mentor in the kitchen.  When I first started the internship, I never would have seen myself where I am now.  I’ve built some great relationships with the other students and with Pat Jones.  Folks have been very helpful as I’ve grown into this role”.

Looking ahead, Fabian envisions a bright future for himself—graduating from culinary school and eventually taking on the role of food service director at Kingdom Prep! This vision reflects his dedication to his craft, the Kingdom Prep community, and the lessons learned from his experiences.