Student Stories

AJ: Brotherhood and the pursuit of music

Self-taught musician, future music producer, and a founder of Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School.  AJ learned about KPLHS when Principal Kevin Festerling visited his eighth grade class to recruit students for the school’s first-ever founding freshmen.  “There was something about Kingdom Prep that lit a spark,” recalls AJ. “I knew I wanted to be there—that there was something great about it.”  Despite having numerous opportunities and graduation pathways to choose from, AJ chooses Kingdom Prep as his home and alma mater.  “KP is where I started,” explains AJ. “I signed my commitment on the steps right in front of the building alongside my mom and Festo (Principal Kevin Festerling). I want to be here. I want to see this to the end, to be part of the first graduating class.” 

Brothers for Life  Every young man will be seen and known. That’s a promise of brotherhood, which is built into the very foundation of Kingdom Prep. AJ appreciates the way the students and faculty of Kingdom Prep have been like a family to him, both inside and outside the walls of the school. He is confident in his future, because he knows he is part of a brotherhood for life.  “Brotherhood is the greatest thing that KP has to offer.”

The Pursuit of Music  The leaders of KPLHS are committed to helping young men discover their purpose. For AJ, his purpose is to pursue a career creating and producing music. He hopes to, one day, own and operate his own music production company and is already taking college-level notation classes at MATC!   AJ is one of 55 founding students who will graduate from KPLHS this spring. He plans to further his studies at Minnesota State University – Morehead.