Kingdom Prep Model

The Kingdom Prep learning model prepares brothers for lives of purpose; as we do so, we teach and approach all matters in a Kingdom First manner.

We believe that God has created each of us for a unique purpose, and our academic program features an active pedagogy with a special emphasis on authentic learning experiences, hands on skill development, and project-based collaboration, as we prepare our Christian brotherhood for 21st century leadership.

  • 50 minute block schedule for natural compatibility with cross-curricular collaboration.
  • Data-driven instruction directed by thematic guiding questions; culminating with
    authentic presentations of learning.
  • Every student has a built in guided study table to receive additional academic and
    homework support.
  • A student resource center also exists to provide additional support.
  • Students are able to fulfill their physical education requirements by participating in one
    of our sports, including but not limited to: football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, track
    and field and rugby.
  • Students experience a wide range of experiences in the aforementioned Nehemiah Hour
    and Exploration Thursday, but also by teacher driven clubs and experiences, including
    but not limited to Rotary Interact Club, Book Club, Art Club, Rocket Club, Anime Club,
    and others.


Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School’s vision is to be a place “Where young men develop their God-given gifts to lead in the home, serve in the church, engage in meaningful work, and transform the community.”

Our core principles include an emphasis on faith, leadership, service, and experience, and these principles are guiding posts in our academic program. That is, our aim in the what, and the how, we teach is to encourage the Brothers of Kingdom Prep to fully depend on the grace of Jesus Christ and the encouragement of one another.

It is our desire to help them establish a culture of brotherhood in seeking to follow Christ’s direction and footsteps to: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  – Matthew 6:33

We believe that every child is uniquely gifted and created by God for a purpose. Thus, it is imperative for the next generation of young men in our city to be properly prepared to make their unique, purpose-driven contribution to the community and God’s Kingdom.

Through our academic program, we help our students to seek out and develop their purpose by teaching all of our subjects in light of Christianity.

Our Four Pillars


  • Leaders & teachers who model active faith in Jesus Christ
  • Daily mentoring & counseling program
  • Deliberate pathways for confirmation of faith & sacrament participation
  • 4 Yr Bible study cohorts investigate personal faith in Christ
  • Pastor & student led chapels that unite hearts in worship


  • Genuine student leadership & voice
  • Mentoring Match for HS and elementary students
    (Reach: BACK)
  • Mentoring Match for HS and successful adults
    (Reach: FORWARD)
  • Kingdom Entrepreneurship- Project-based collaboration implementation
  • Assigned hours of service to school-related functions


  • Grade Level Outdoor Expeditions
  • Multiple Pathways for Social/Emotional & Character Development
  • Service Learning Projects
  • Part-time Job Program
  • Financial fitness component built into work


  • Personalized post secondary achievement goals - career, college,
    entrepreneurships, military, etc.
  • Rigorous Academics & Extended After School Learning Hours
  • Extended school year for larger window of learning - year round learning
  • Instructor driven use of blended learning venues to achieve ACT goals

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