Nehemiah Hour

What is Nehemiah Hour?

Nehemiah Hour is an exploratory course where young men identify problems and find biblical solutions according to the Kingdom Prep Framework for Solving Problems. In this course, young men identify the natural talents that God has given him along with current problems in our local or global society.

Through guidance, each young man identifies how he can use his natural talents to add value to the problem he chooses to solve. He does this through the creation of a self-directed project. He, then, learns how to manage his hour of “free time” each day by following the Kingdom Prep Framework for Solving Problems.

Each day is spent diving deeper into their project until completion. For many of our young men, this means that they have traveled to another state, created a part-time cleaning job by replacing our current cleaning staff, fixed a broken down truck, or renovated the gym.

Kingdom Prep Framework for Solving Problems

  1. Understand self.
  2. Identify a worldly problem and build background knowledge.
  3. Establish a goal.
  4. Ask questions and engage resources.
  5. Make an action plan.
  6. Activate the plan.
  7. Seek counsel from a professional.
  8. Document the journey.

Want to help out with a Nehemiah Hour project?

Nehemiah Hour Projects

Malakai’s Shoe Run 4 Kids

Malakai Grosz

My name is Malakai Grosz. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI. When I was in middle school, I had a tough time fitting in. I was often made fun of because of the shoes that I wore. When I was ...