What is Brotherhood?


Brotherhood permeates everything we do at Kingdom Prep.  Our mission is building a brotherhood for lives of purpose.  

So what does that look and sound like?  

For starters, students rely on one another as we camp on Rock Island; this is one of many rites of passage our brothers experience together.  In addition, student voice and choice are present in nearly all of the day to day operations at Kingdom Prep. From packs of 6-7 brothers who dig into God’s Word daily, to helping plan assemblies, sporting events and after school activities, the brothers of Kingdom Prep work side by side to build and sustain our school.

One specific example is our brotherhood council, which is a group of 7 or 8 boys that meets on a weekly basis to hear student feedback and make decisions around next steps. The brotherhood council also gets involved in mentoring and counseling, tutoring, event planning and clubs.

Nehemiah Hour

Nehemiah Hour is an exploratory course where young men identify problems and find biblical solutions according to the Kingdom Prep Framework for Solving Problems.

In this course, young men identify the natural talents that God has given him along with current problems in our local or global society. Through guidance, each young man identifies how he can use his natural talents to add value to the problem he chooses to solve.

For many of our young men, this means that they have traveled to another state, created a part-time cleaning job by replacing our current cleaning staff, fixed a broken down truck, or renovated the gym.

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Exploration Thursday

The goal of the Exploration Thursday program is to expose boys to experiences beyond the block that they grew up on. The program was modeled off of education pioneer Marva Collins in Chicago and Discover America trips from St. Marcus, Milwaukee.

Every Thursday we end academics early and use the afternoon to explore a concept,
individual, or place of business in the Milwaukee metro area.

Kingdom Prep has had the opportunity to explore and visit Adullam House, 88nine Studios, Firestation & Sherman Phoenix, Middle School Reach Back Program and many more.

Kingdom Prep Packs


 The Kingdom Prep High School experience cannot be described outside of the parameters of Christian brotherhood through pack life. Pack life at KPLHS demands total community through each brothers’ willingness to practice mutual acceptance, affirmation, accountability, and authority.

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Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School launched a three-fold mentoring program called, REACH: Forward and REACH: Back. Ideally, we’d REACH: Forward to a high school senior or adult in the professional world and REACH: Back to a 5th grader from the school that our kids came from. 

Our kids will be trained on how to become a successful mentor from their mentors and educators. Our kids have been used to relay messages and discuss topics arranged by the staff members. Topics included but not limited to: study habits, time management, effects of late homework, zeros in the grade book, understanding policies, thank you notes, and setting up priorities or goals.

This is a minimum of once a month commitment were our kids live and grow together with others.


We here at KPLHS have placed Christ at the center of our counseling program. As we walk with our young men through different stages of their life, we always aim to…

“Trust in the Lord with all our hearts & lean not to our own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” – Proverbs 3:6 NIV