Student Stories

Dayshawn: Connecting, exploring, building

DayShawn MacDonald, a hard-working student from Kingdom Prep, led the way with fellow-students in a very unique Nehemiah Hour project.  His journey began when the Metropolitan Builders Association approached Kingdom Prep due to their impressive track record with past build projects. DayShawn, along with a team of other freshmen, took on the challenge of creating an entry for a playhouse competition sponsored by the MGA of Wisconsin. 

The team at Kingdom Prep went through a meticulous design process, ultimately settling on the elegant Prairie Style for their playhouse. DayShawn’s passion and dedication were evident from the start. He worked tirelessly through his Christmas vacation, teaming up with Charlie,  one of the Nehemiah Hour volunteers, to bring the project to life. DayShawn’s quick learning abilities, excellent communication skills, and natural talent for storytelling made him an invaluable asset to the team.

The team’s hard work paid off when they unveiled their playhouse entry, stunning everyone with its craftsmanship and creativity. KP’s entry in the competition was one of the first chosen in the raffle and was appreciated by everyone.  Beyond his contributions to the playhouse project, DayShawn has shown exemplary skills both inside and outside the classroom. He balances his part-time job with his studies at school while maintaining a strong relationship with his mother. As a student, DayShawn excels academically, displaying a commitment to learning and personal growth. What sets DayShawn apart are his remarkable soft skills. He is a great communicator, able to articulate ideas with clarity and confidence. His talent for storytelling not only   made him an effective team member during the MBA’s playhouse competition but also reflects his ability to inspire and engage those around him.