Student Stories

Randy: Fueling his purpose

Randy Higgins learned of Kingdom Prep through his relationship with co-founders Kevin Festerling and Shawn Sprewer.  Knowing “Festo” and “Sprew” from his years at St. Marcus School, Randy decided to become part of the Wolfpack Council, the original planning team of 8th graders that worked to envision the new high school.  “The council was a group of eight grade boys that came together before KP was even a school.  We came in and we decided what our mascot would be, what our school colors would be, whether we wanted to wear uniforms, and what our motto for Kingdom Prep should be.”  Higgins decided to attend the new all-boys high school because of his involvement with sports and his enjoyment of the camaraderie he experienced: 

“I had no problem being around a whole bunch of guys. I grew up playing nothing but sports. . .  so I was surrounded by guys all the time. . .. I had the mindset that when I get to KP, it’s going be just like a football or basketball team; we are all brothers, we’ve got each other’s back and we’re just in school—which would be easier because in middle school, females were a distraction!”

As a freshman, Randy struggled with understanding and controlling the anger he held within.  He readily admits he had anger issues but credits several KP staff members who invested the time with him in helping him understand his anger, its sources and in dealing with all his emotions

As a guy, you’re taught not to show your emotions, you have to be tough all the time. So being young and having those ideas in my head, I held in all of my frustrations and before thinking about it, I would explode out of nowhere.  I just call it a blackout because sometimes I don’t even  remember <exploding>.  It was just a bundle of emotions speaking for themselves.

Randy also sees growth in his life and attitudes toward work and finances.  “I’ve been more consistent with trying to find work and saving money (and am) very knowledgeable on spending and saving which is something a young black male should know before going to college.” 

In the fall, Randy plans to attend Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN and study to become a history teacher and football coach.  I feel God’s plan for me is being a teacher and helping other kids, and maybe that means coming back to Kingdom Prep someday!”   Randy Higgins looks forward to graduating on May 28th and will be one among many student founders who has left his mark on Kingdom Prep.  Assistant principal, Shawn Sprewer, shared these thoughts about Randy’s years at KP:  “Randy was put in a space where he was labeled that he couldn’t learn effectively and he has indeed persevered.  Randy’s commitment to be the man that God wants him to be has gotten him to the point where he has exceeded everyone’s expectations.  He has defied the labels and stereotypes and shown that he can climb any mountain.  It is a proud moment to see Randy ready to move on and continue his preparation to become a teacher.”