Student Stories

Alex McGregor: Catalyst Construction

Alex McGregor has been working for Catalyst Construction for over a year now. He received a full-time position with the company upon graduation. As a young man who has overcome a great deal of adversity, Alex did not imagine being in the position he is in now.

Alex was one of the 55 founding Kingdom Prep freshmen in 2018. He grew up on the northside of Milwaukee having attended Risen Savior Lutheran School through his elementary years. Alex tried to fly under the radar for much of his time at Kingdom Prep, though we always recognized him as a man of determination, humility, and commitment.

Catalyst Construction partnered with Kingdom Prep in 2021, offering an internship as a field laborer to a young men seeking a life-time career in the trades. We were not surprised when Catalyst hired Alex in December 2021 where he quickly acclimated himself to the level of work expected of him.

After two months of work at Catalyst, Alex tragically lost his father. Where some might have rightfully pulled back their level of responsibility, Alex took the time that he needed and then remained faithful to the path ahead of him. A tribute to his father.

As Alex approached graduation, he became confident about his future pathway. He desired to continue working in the trades and he desired to continue working with Catalyst. Catalyst had a similar desire. Upon graduation, Catalyst offered him a full-time position as a field laborer.

Without recognizing it, Alex not only paved the way for his own career, but he paved the way for the next generation of interns with Catalyst Construction. We look ahead to the days when Alex will be the man training the next Kingdom Prep brother, sharing the wisdom and knowledge of his lifetime with another KP brother longing for the pathway that Alex is now on.