Our Mission

Building a brotherhood in Christ for lives of purpose.

Our Vision

Where young men develop their God-given gifts to lead in the home, serve in the Church, engage in meaningful work, and transform the community.


The Kingdom Prep learning model features an active pedagogy with a special emphasis on authentic learning experiences, hands on skill development, and project-based collaboration, as we prepare our Christian brotherhood for 21st century leadership.


  • 120 minute block schedule for natural compatibility with cross-curricular collaboration
  • Data-driven instruction directed by thematic guiding questions; culminating with authentic presentations of learning
  • Experiential Learning Model – All learning incorporates experiences that demand authentic development of skill and acquisition of content


The Kingdom Prep experience deliberately nurtures the mind, body, and soul of each brother through a whole child approach to scholarship, celebrating rites of passages and series of activities that develop the unique talents and personalities of each young man.


  • Daily chapel/worship services
  • Personalized talent development enrichment
  • Celebration of Christian Brotherhood: authentic student agency and peer leadership “What hurts my brother hurts me”
  • Outward bound type expeditions & fieldwork
  • Know Thyself counseling services
  • School Uniforms or Dress Code (Collars & Khakis)
  • Athletics (Basketball, soccer, track initially)


The Kingdom Prep learning community finds its identity through a long history of established Lutheran traditions where teachers, leaders, and student families seek an education that first glorifies God in every aspect of scholarship.

Kingdom Prep Lutheran High School launch follows a historic precedence of 5 other excellent WELS high schools currently operating in Southeastern Wisconsin:


  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School
  • Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School
  • Shoreland Lutheran High School
  • Lakeside Lutheran High School
  • Luther Prep High School

Our Four Pillars


Daily small group Bible study with a focus on what it means for a man to seek God's heart with his whole life


Project-based collaboration where young men solve real community problems with Godly solutions


Outdoor expeditions, active research in the community, financial & business planning, athletics & enrichment


Rigorous, data-driven academic instruction guided by an essential question that includes a final presentation of learning

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